4 Cool Food Xmas Gifts

Most people like to try and think about off the wall ideas for Christmas gifts but this gets harder to do each year. It’s sometimes nicer with friends to be able to share the gift experience with them, and there are few, if any things in life more sociable than eating together. But a booking at a restaurant isn’t exactly, the most creative gift in the world – nice though it may be. So here are four slightly wacky food-based Christmas present ideas to get your creative juices flowing, and maybe your gastric ones too, depending on your tastes!



Eating insects, also known as “entomophagy”, is increasing in popularity – or so this article at www.deliveroo.co.uk  would have us believe! Giving the gift of some edible insects is certainly a bit different for the friend who enjoys a bit of a home-grown bush tucker challenge. The difference is that this stuff is truly delicious. At the London pop-up restaurant, “Eat Grub”,  dishes ranging from crispy crickets to buffalo worms can be ordered to eat in or for home delivery too.

Fried bamboo worm (L) and crickets (R)” (CC BY 2.0) by shankar s.


Arty but nice

If it’s something a little less off-the-wall you’re looking for, but still creative, then check out some of the ideas available at www.funkyfoodgifts.com. These gift ideas could perhaps best be summed up as “arty but nice”. They’re more traditional in that they’re mainly sweet-based, so no worries about eating worms, but they’re creative and different – and many of the gift ideas can be personalised by adding messages and photos. For example, the Christmas cookie card enables you to add your own image of choice onto a huge hand-made vanilla shortbread biscuit.



Nice, not nice, nice again

Alternatively, how about trying pot luck on whether you’re going to love it or hate it via Bean Boozled? These are jelly beans some of which are delicious, some of which are horrible. The game sees you trying to guess the flavour; nasty or nice. The Latest edition of the game the kids love to hate includes “skunk”, milk that has gone off, dead fish and other tastes that have you screwing your face up in disgust. But of course, you may get lucky with liquorice, or a strawberry-banana smoothie or coconut. It’s all in the luck of the draw – unless you decide to cheat of course!


Source: BeanBoozled Selangor via Facebook


Just plain weird

Last but definitely not least, how about simply picking out one of the world’s weirdest foods? This can be good fun if someone is from a particular part of the world or about to go on holiday there. So, for example, if a friend is intending to travel to Japan, try and get hold of some tuna fish eyeballs to send them – or maybe just make delicate reference to said fish’s eyes via a nice picture downloaded from the Internet, so they know what they’re in for? Icelanders, meanwhile, favour a nice rotting carcass of a basking shark, whilst grasshoppers are big in Thailand; seasoned with chilli and wok-fried – and bringing us neatly back to insects for Christmas!



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