5 cool car gadgets from 2016

New modern cars are now coming equipped with many features that were once a luxury such as built in satellite navigation, Bluetooth to connect your smartphone and cameras in your rear view mirror to name just a few. To add to the smart features that are slowly taking over, WeWantAnyCar.com name their favourite gadgets that make your driving life that bit easier…

EE Buzzard In-Car 4G Hotspot

The EE Buzzard in-car 4G Hotspot is a device that simply plugs into your cigarette lighter socket and provides Wi-Fi internet connectivity throughout your car (and to anyone nearby who happens to have the correct details).

After a simple installation process, the gadget will provide good 4G signal that you can watch streamed video over YouTube and your favourite on-demand app, as if you were on wired broadband.

Also a fully-fledged router, you can log into it and access the management interface, which provides further detailed options. You can reconfigure the wireless LAN, including creating a guest network with reduced security, or add a MAC address filter so only known devices can connect.

This is simply a must-have for all internet savvy drivers – with 4G on the go, there can never be an excuse for taking a wrong turn on the road again!

Wireless Key Finder

Yes you read that correctly – a key finder. Gone are the days of scurrying to find your keys, thanks to one of the most significant and simple gadgets known to mankind.

No bigger than a standard key chain — and even smaller, in some cases — these dongles connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth LE to alert you when your keys are nearby or in danger of being left behind.

A no-brainer? We thought so.


Car Seat Gap Filler

This is not a drill. This is not a dream. You can now buy a car seat gap filler. If you are reading this and wondering what a car seat gap filler is, don’t worry – because we are about to tell you. This is a simple, yet brilliant hack to prevent coins, crumbs and combs getting stuck in between that gap between your car seat and centre console. Some models attach to the seat belt catch via built in slot; moving with the seat, without need to readjust or reinstall.

So say goodbye to the impossible task of cleaning out the never-ending trail of dirt and say hello to the unrivalled gap-filler!

A no-brainer? We thought so.


Dashboard Camera

Never be blamed for an accident that wasn’t your fault again. Dashboard cameras are making a substantial stance in the motor world, providing footage to present for any accidents you may endure.

A dashboard camera is an onboard camera that continuously records the view through a vehicle’s windscreen. It can either be attached to the interior windscreen or to the top of the dashboard.

This intelligent invention is simply a must-have for preventing any unnecessary blame in the event of an accident. We see so many acts of unbelievable stupidity on the road. Doesn’t it make sense to keep a visual record?


Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster

The Wilson Electronics Cell Phone Signal Booster is a complete car kit that will significantly improve your mobile phone signal.

New and latest smart phones are weaker and weaker in terms of signal capturing power. There are places where you were able to use your old mobile 10 years ago, and when you visit them today, your slick new iPhone or Android device does not even get half a bar of connection.

However, with this smart signal booster, you never have to worry about having no signal on the road again. With up to three watts maximum output power and delivering up to 10X more power than standard smartphones, this could be the answer to your signal woes.

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