The 5 Coolest Ways to Kill Time at An Airport

While the number of Brits travelling abroad in May dropped by 5% when compared with the corresponding figures from last year, there is still a huge demand for international travel in Britain. This will only increase during the peak summer months, as thousands of families embark on their holidays in sun-kissed resorts all over the world. Travelling to and from airports is probably the most stressful aspect of holiday-making, however, particularly given the amount of time that you are often forced to spend there. In this article, we will look at five of the coolest ways to kill time at an airport so that you can kick-start your holiday ahead of time!


1. Game on Your Phone

We all like to play games, particularly during mind-numbingly dull activities such as commuting to work and waiting for a flight. The only issue is that games are hard to come by at most airports, aside from a few upright fruit machines in some dark and dimly-lit bar.

We live in the digital age, however, so why on earth would you want to waste your time at the slot machine in a hidden restricted zone when you can game like a baller in the middle of the food court? That’s right, you wouldn’t, particularly with sites such as offering real-time access to a host of online slots, roulette and blackjack iterations.


2. Eat Familiar and Delicious Food

Depending on where you are travelling, you may not be able to access good, old-fashioned British cuisine. While this may sound like good news in some instances (jellied eels, anyone?), it can create challenges for those with sensitive stomachs and relatively fussy eating habits. So if you are going to spend two weeks virtually starving yourself in an exotic land with strange culinary concoctions, we recommend that you eat a hearty British meal before your leave. Whether this is pie and mash or fish and chips is up to you, but remember to eat well and get your fill before boarding!



3. Spoil Yourself

If you are anything like us, arriving at an airport will make you lose all inhibitions when it comes to spending money. Of course, you have little choice given the costly nature of airport goods, but the excitement of a trip abroad tends to make us all lose control of your senses! You may as well indulge this during your airport stay, by purchasing food, drink and gifts for those who you love the most. You can even invest in a muscle-tingling back or foot massage to wile away the time, particularly if you are a nervous flyer and need to unwind before boarding. Just hope and pray that your flight is not delayed, otherwise you may have nothing left to spend before you land at your destination.


4. People-Watch

We also tend to get a little excited and giggly at airports, whether we are flying out to some remote corner of the world or heading home. This puts us in the mind to people-watch, as we cast our wandering eyes over our fellow passengers and try to figure out as much about them as possible as they go about their business.

We would seriously recommend this pastime, particularly with such a diverse selection of people known to visit airports at any point in time.

Whether you score fellow passengers on their fashion sense or try to estimate what they do for a living is up to you, of course, but make sure that you keep it clean and involve somebody else in the game (otherwise you may cut a slightly sad and unusual figure that alerts security!)




5. Take a Day-trip

If you do have an exceptionally long layover between flights and are scared that you will spend all of your holiday money in Duty Free, why not take a day-trip to one of the surrounding sites or landmarks? There are a growing number of city airports that offer a direct train service downtown, including Sydney, Hong Kong and Chicago, and this offers ample opportunity to escape the concrete jungle while seeking out a fun and spontaneous travel experience! Just remember to check your bags before you leave (most airports will allow this) and above all else do not forget to return in good time to make your next flight.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong


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