Cool Star Wars Themed Guitars

I can feel a great distortion in the force! These cool Star Wars themed guitars are out of this world. First up is British guitar nerd Tom Bingham who makes guitars out of pretty much anything but we love his Star Wars guitars, especially his Millenium Falcon guitar remodelled from a Fender Stratocaster.

“I look at the whole world as if it can be turned into a guitar. If I can get a neck on it and hide the electrics then I create it.” Despite having offers for his cool creations from as far as Russia and the USA – the retired screen printer insists his guitars are not for sale.
More cool Star Wars themed guitars
Star Wars creator George Lucas customised this next guitar – a one off Gibson Les Paul with a Lightsaber-wielding Yoda which was created for a fundraising auction.
This following Star Wars themed guitar is available to buy from Richards Guitars
May the chords be with you

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