The Only Move-In Checklist You’ll Need

Moving in will always be a big deal. It’s a lot of work, and there’s a lot to remember. How you pack your belongings can help you better move in on the day, but you will also want to meet your new flatmates, get settled, sort out the bills, change your mailing address, and also check all your belongings are covered in your home insurance. The sooner you complete this checklist, the sooner you can start to settle in.



It doesn’t matter whether you live in your flat for a year or more, you will accumulate new items as you slowly transform it from a generic room into your room. As such you really don’t need to go through the effort of bringing every single thing you own. Instead, just bring what you absolutely need and build from there. To make the move in process simple, pack away items by levels of importance. That way, if you move in and find you’re exhausted from bringing your belongings from point A to point B, you can easily unpack the items you will need immediately and carry on with the rest later.


Meeting Your Flatmates

Unless you knew them from before, you will then need to meet your flatmates. Whether you’re moving into a Global Guardians property or a shared apartment, getting long with them is crucial, and the sooner you introduce yourself and become friendly the better.


Settling the Bills

Once you are moved in, it’s time to focus on the more pressing items on this checklist. This includes either working out who to pay your portion of the bills or contacting the right authorities (i.e., which company supplies your water, gas, and electricity).


Tips for Your Home Insurance

One of the most important but often forgotten steps to moving in is to get home insurance and, more importantly, to keep it updated. As tenants, you don’t often have a say as to whether your property has an alarm system, and many flats don’t have them as they are an extra cost. This can be dangerous, as burglaries typically increase by as much as 25% during the winter evenings, with most break-ins occurring between 5pm and 10pm at night. These burglaries very often enter right through the front door, through windows and the rear door are also common points of entry.

That is why when you do leave, remember to hide or put out of sight the top three targets in burglaries, jewellery, cash savings, and portable electronics. Having your expensive laptop on a desk in front of the window is a bad move when thieves can break the window and be off with it before anyone knows what has happened. You should also be aware of the other high-value items that you might be targeted for.

Antiques, and jewellery are worth a lot of money, totalling over €2800, golf clubs can also be expensive, with professional clubs being worth over hundreds a club, then, of course, there are bicycles and other expensive tools you might keep in sheds outside. Overall the average value of high-value items in your home totals up to over €6400. This is important because many people undervalue their items, and as a result only get €4970 from their claim or €324 back for individual items. Don’t undervalue your items and don’t undervalue the importance of having household insurance.


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