How Private Flying is Becoming More Accessible

Although most people still consider private flights to be limited to the realm of the wealthy, it is fast becoming a more accessible means of travel for those of us with a normal income.

If your dream is to fly in a plane with plush leather chairs, plenty of legroom, high speed internet and importantly, no one else to disturb you, you may be closer to achieving your dream than you might think. Here’s how the future of private flying is becoming more accessible:


Technological Advances

If you wanted to charter a private jet, it was once common practice to ring around private jet companies to find the best deal for your upcoming journey. However, with advances in technology, it’s becoming easier to find a private jet for hire – there are apps and websites available dedicated to helping you compare and find the best deal when chartering a private jet.


Affordable Fares

In the news recently, a bargain hunter told of how he booked a private flight from London to Newcastle for just £67 – about half the price in would have cost him on the train and also taking half the time! His was just a small aircraft with only four seats, but it’s still possible to book a luxury private jet on a budget.

Private jet charter services like Victor offer unique empty leg flights where you can save up to 75% on the price you’d pay for a conventional private jet charter. How is this possible? Empty leg flights take advantage of one-way bookings, so you can book a private jet that has an empty return journey back to its starting point to pick up its next passengers.

If you’re willing to spend the time hunting out a bargain or you can be flexible, the cost of chartering a private jet might not be as high as you may think.


Other Worthwhile Benefits

One of the main benefits of flying privately is the convenience. No airport queues for checking in luggage, or security checks… You don’t even have to stick to a flight schedule. You can leave at a time that suits you and if you’re running late then fear not – the plane will be waiting for you. What’s more, private flights usually depart from smaller airports that are easier to access and likely not as far away as major airports, making it a more convenient way for travellers to fly.


So, although chartering a private jet may seem like a pipe dream, it could actually be more affordable and convenient than you’d think. Chartering a private jet is now more accessible than ever and if you’re willing to shop around, you could be enjoying the luxury of private air travel, for a fraction of the price.


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