Looking Forward to Private Jet Chartering as the Future of Executive Travel

The rise of the on-demand economy within the last few years has transformed the way in which we live our lives. With just a few flicks on a smartphone, it is now possible to order food, arrange a cab, organise a date and much more. This idea of having everything that we require at our fingertips has even spread to executive travel, with the ability to charter a private jet online currently proving to be very popular in the business world.


On-Demand Flights

Companies can now easily send their employees in a private jet for a business trip instead of booking business class seats. This is through a number of apps where you can book on-demand flights to a destination of your choosing or book onto return leg flights. Alternatively, there are companies offering subscription services where a monthly fee allows you to fly as often as you like. For businesses that make regular business flights, this is a superb option.



Flying on a private jet has always been viewed as the ultimate in luxury and something that only celebrities get to experience, but this is all changing. These services make it much more affordable to experience this unique method of transportation, plus it is easy to see prices continue to fall as competition increases. This is excellent news for both corporations and travellers looking to try this glamorous method of transportation.



Non-business travellers, in particular, will be interested in the empty leg flights where the return flight has no passengers. Although the departure time is not flexible, these are much more affordable than other tickets. It is still an expensive way to travel, but previously the idea of flying on a private jet was unattainable.


The Benefits

So, with the future of executive travel about to change, businesses will begin to ask if it is really worth it. The answer is yes, as flying in a private jet is the greatest way to travel for business (or leisure) purposes. One key advantage is that you do not have to waste time hanging around at the airport as you can get straight on the plane. Onboard, the facilities and services will blow you away – most are equipped with all kinds of equipment so that you can prepare a presentation, play games and watch films in style, plus the service is phenomenal and even greater than business class. Finally, you get complete peace and quiet and it is sure to do wonders for morale.

It is certainly looking bright for the future of executive travel.

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