The ultimate guide to alternative lads’ holiday destinations

Taking a break with the boys doesn’t have to be all beach parties, boozing and blurry nights of living it up. The mannerisms of the modern man have changed as the typical lads’ holiday has evolved, and nowadays it’s as much about meaningful experiences that bring you together as it is kicking back and letting the stress go. From the best destinations to the top experiences off the beaten track, here’s a fast guide of top trips for you and the squad.


Getting back to nature in Canada

Sometimes all you need is the open road or to vanish from the buzz of the city. Getting back to nature could involve anything, from taking a staycation to getting out into the wilds of a far-flung destination.

Camping in the back country is always a smart move, as is heading somewhere like Canada for a retreat in one of their hunting lodges or log cabins in the woods. You’ve got fishing, bonfires and lazy nights of classic beer philosophy right at your fingertips, while unlike more heavy party breaks you’re going to come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.



Oktoberfest in Germany

A boozy break doesn’t have to be all neon lights and multicoloured shots of dubious origin. In fact, the most timeless way to not only escape the boredom of autumn but also get in touch with the best beers around is to head to Munich for Oktoberfest.

Brews of the richest golden hue are pretty par for the course here, but there’s plenty more to explore besides. The city itself is a marvel of history and culture, while the festivities of Oktoberfest attract top music performances and street theatre. It’s a celebration well worth getting raising a glass to.


Heading out to sea

There are so many ways you and the lads can take advantage of the vast and unfathomable ocean. The easiest and most obvious way is a drive to the beach with a football and a case of beers in the boot, not to mention a last minute trunks purchase. I recommend swimwear from Tu at Sainsbury’s for a surprisingly good mix of comfort, style and cost. It’s then up to you to explore the packed beaches of Benidorm, the more secluded and exotic coastlines of Costa Rica or the good old-fashioned British seaside. If you’re feeling the spirit of adventure and can all get a month or so off work, you could always try your hand at crewing a classic sailing ship, which will see you steering her from Canada to The Netherlands.



City breaks in abundance

Whether it’s old London Town, lively Lisbon or sleek, high end Seoul – a city trip with the boys gives you a little of everything. For my money though, little beats a weekend in Prague. It’s a city with enough home comforts and well-spoken English to not feel alienating, but also has a thriving beer culture, massive portions of filling food and sensational architecture and history. The nightlife is upbeat without getting rowdy and days by the river are a sublime way to spend time.


There’s plenty more beyond what’s listed here as far as top lads’ breaks go. What’s the most unusual bromance holiday you’ve ever been on?


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